Perspective: Let It Be Rain and Sunshine

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

It’s from the skies

The gift granted, falling upon me.

It’s the thing that's inside the spark that starts life.

My life.

It’s from the skies.

I’m a tree. That’s what I think of me.

And I catch the rain drops on my top.

Pulling in the the sparks that start life by the root.

It's from the skies.

The gift granted, falling upon me.

And I realize every time the sunshines on,

And the rain drips down,

That I need you to be, and to live.

I can be

Empty, until you fill in again.

And so,

I am from the skies.

And only want to be what you are.

That has made me,

The thing that’s inside a spark that starts life.

And all I want is to be

What can hold onto, and mold into, and fill up on